Knives, from Pallarès Solsona


We have a passion for carbon blade knives, which we have developed from buying antique carbon knives in France on fleas. When we discovered the Pallares Solsona knives we were so happy to see that traditional knife making craftsmanship still exists. The beauty of carbon as a material is not only the aesthetic patina the knives naturally develop but also the fantastic capability of the blades to consistently function and maintain sharpness. Palleres was established in Solsona, Spain in 1917 by the Pallarès brothers, who were knife makers and craftsmen. The family ran company is run by third generation of the Pallarès family today. Cousins David and Lluís run the company with the same goal as when it was founded which was to maintain the cutting quality of the product, a fundamental characteristic of the best knives. All Pallarès knives are crafted with techniques dated back to the original founders. Technical improvements have been incorporated into the manufacturing of the knives but they are still striving to maintain maximum quality as the basis of everlasting usefulness. Even today, all Pallarès knives are sharpened and stamped by hand. These carbon steel knives are meant to be used and last for many years.