Design Services

We advise, analyze and develop spatial design working in collusion as well as individually within each of our fields of expertise. As a brand designer and wood worker, we offer unique and custom design services for residential, commercial and hospitality projects, working closely with the brand or person who have inquired, always with the key of visualizing values through spatial design, with sustainable frames and objects to essentially create holistic and coherent spaces that considers the environment, the function of the space and its inhabitants. Our signature style depicts a great passion for natural and soothing spaces with an immediate embracing feel of tranquil coherence.


Caroline Feiffer

Caroline infuses natural simplicity with eclecticism by merging a myriad of styles in her interdisciplinary design and branding. With an acute aesthetic eye Caroline advises, strategizes, direct and design, ultimately allowing for personality and values to become visible through spatial design and branding. Drawing on an immense knowledge of design history, setting and materials she elegantly balances form, color, graphic and organic shapes in sensible harmony creating calmness and clarity by contrasting antiques with the modern; always melding past with present.


Steffan Feiffer

Steffan possesses years of hands on experience working with wood craftsmanship and joinery, creating unique and custom design solutions e.g. cabinets, panels, flooring and furniture for fine restorations in Denmark. In addition Steffan advises on fundamental interior and exterior, with an immense knowledge of material options and solutions from completed projects. With a natural sense for coherence, fine detailing and finish throughout, he manages both small and greater construction projects on site, ensuring quality controle, structure and final completion with an acute perfectionist eye for an ultimate coherent result.


Design Inquiries

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