Notebooks, from Calepino


Being creative means that we both have an important relationship with pen and paper. Even though we almost always carry our smartphones or tablets, we are still passionate about handwriting. Steffan think it is easier because you can draw sketches but for me I feel I can remember better and maintain my handwriting. In our search for the perfect little notebook to carry with us everyday, we discovered the Calepino notebooks. Fabrice Richard is the founder of these fantastic notebooks with rounded corners, robust covers and practical dimensions. The Calepino notebooks are meant to be carried anywhere. They can be stored in a pocket or at the bottom of a bag. They are perfect for writing down unexpected ideas or for writing down your new big ideas as well as sketches and revolutionary inventions, travel logs, memories from trips, books you have read, or have yet to read, layouts of prospective houses, seeds for the garden, phone numbers, journals, dreams, secret codes, testaments, song lyrics, delicious recipes, menus and maybe even the weather forecast. Calepino supports the local production and expertise by producing in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique. All the notebooks are printed and made in a local and reputable family business in the region of Nantes called Imprim'Vert. The cardboard is made in a French cardboard factory created in 1927. Each book is individually bound, and each case is folded and composed by hand with simple paper craftsmanship, which has become a necessity to carry along in our lives.