To inspire and equip the discerning palette with an exclusive selection of refined lifestyle objects, visuals, stories and anecdotes

Our aim is to be the curators of a new visual impressive lifestyle web boutique and inspirational source, to equip the discerning palette with a refined selection of items worth owning and knowing of and by that make use of the opportunities in web content to create a digital boutique-feel destination.


To create more than a webshop  where inspiration and stories are lead

The Feiffers Lifestyle web boutique and inspirational source was created from a personal believe in combining refined lifestyle essentials in a non-static web layout where content is core and products is accompanied by beautiful visuals, stories and anecdotes. Inspiration is lead and the versatile selection of designers and products are our personal favorites and necessities and reflect the lifestyle of The Feiffers. 


To serve as the preferred go to destination for an inspired lifestyle

We set out with the vision of serving as the breading ground and preferred go to destination for an inspired lifestyle, by ensuring a refined and exclusive selection of carefully chosen lifestyle essentials and personal curated content with valuable relevance for our visitors.


The Feiffers

- Caroline & Steffan